2016-2017 Aboriginal RunWalk Program Recap

2016-17 was another successful year for the Aboriginal RunWalk (ARW) program! Marking its 11th year, the ARW program trained 133 leaders to deliver programming to 2,520 Indigenous participants from over 90 communities across the province.


Using interval training, the ARW program gradually increases fitness so that participants can complete a 10km walk or running event. About 250 of our participants travelled to attend the Vancouver Sun Run, making the ARW Sun Run Corporate team one of the largest teams in the race.


The impact of the ARW program goes beyond simply improving fitness however. Here is what one ARW participant had to say:


“This [the ARW program] has made a tremendous impact on my life. I get out more, I lost weight and I socialized. It showed me that goals are possible. It showed me that I can achieve what I set my mind to. One of the best decisions I have made.”


If you are passionate about healthy living and work with or belong to an Indigenous community, please contact the ARW manager, Amanda de Faye at arw.manager@sportmedbc.com for more info on how to become an Aboriginal RunWalk Leader.

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