10KtoHalf-Marathon Program Returns in Partnership with The Vancouver Half Marathon

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? SportMedBC’s 10KtoHalf-Marathon program is back for its second year in partnership with Canada Running Series West, and it’s the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re looking to improve your time or looking to take on a new challenge, this program is designed to help you cross the finish line of a half marathon after completing your 13-week RunWalk program. Over the course of 9 weeks, you’ll receive expert coaching and support from experienced runners, trainers, and medical professionals.

One of the key benefits of the SportMedBC 10KtoHalf-Marathon program is the support and camaraderie you’ll experience with other participants. You’ll be part of a community of runners who are all working towards the same goal, and you’ll have access to group training sessions and online forums where you can connect, share tips, and encourage each other.

The program which was created by Olympian Lynn Kanuka herself, also includes access to SportMedBC’s team of medical professionals, who can provide guidance on injury prevention and treatment, as well as nutritionists who can help you fuel your body for optimal performance.

With the support of SportMedBC, you’ll have everything you need to succeed and reach your full potential during the 10KtoHalf-Marathon program.

And of course, the ultimate goal of the program is to prepare you for the Vancouver Half Marathon, which takes place on June 25, 2023. This iconic race is part of the Canada Running Series and attracts runners from across the country. By participating in the SportMedBC 10KtoHalf-Marathon program, you’ll have the opportunity to not only complete the race, but to do so with confidence and pride.

So, what are you waiting for? The SportMedBC 10KtoHalf-Marathon program is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, achieve your goals, and join a community of passionate runners. Sign up today and get ready to take your running to the next level.


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