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POSTED: 11 Feb 2016
Just over two months to go until the 2016 Vancouver Sun Run! As Sun Run InTraining continues, check out this... Read More
POSTED: 15 Jan 2016
Here we go! 2016 Sun Run InTraining is just about to start. If you want to Walk or Nordic Walk, Learn to Run 10K or Run... Read More
POSTED: 4 Jan 2016
The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) would like to alert the Canadian sport community that the World Anti-... Read More

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In collaboration with the Host Society, SportMedBC is offering their Athletic Taping course at a reduced rate for... Event Details
This 2 hour workshop is led by a Certified Athletic Therapist and provides participants with a comprehensive... Event Details
This eight-hour course serves as an introduction to the prevention and on-site management of sports-related injuries... Event Details
This 8 hour course is led by a Certified Athletic Therapist. Athletic Taping techniques are introduced in a combination... Event Details