Clyde Smith
SPC Diploma Holder
Specialty: Exercise Rehabilitation and Alignment

Clyde Smith is a Sports Physiotherapist and was a founding principal of the British Columbia Sports Medicine Centre, which later was re-named The Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre. Clyde is a graduate of Oregon State University where he played football with the Legendary “Giant Killers” of 1967. He then attended The University of Alberta and assisted in coaching the Alberta Golden Bears to a National Championship in football.

Clyde was a member of the 1976 Montreal Olympic COJO medical committee and helped organize staffing for the games. Clyde was a member of the Canadian Olympic Medical Team for the 1976, 1984 (Chief Therapist), and 1992 games. He has been part of many other games medical staff including World Student Games, Pan America Games, World Championships, NHL, NBA and many local weekend warrior events. Clyde helped develop the Athletic Therapy program at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario. It was the first program and still the premier program for the development of Athletic Therapist in Canada.

Clyde served as education committee chairman for the development of the “Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy” in its infancy and later had to pass (along with all other committee members) pier group examination to receive his Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy.

He is a board member of the Sports Medicine Council of British Columbia (SMCBC) and served on the same Board during its early years of development. Clyde helped author the first tapping manual produced by SMCBC. He currently serves as a SMCBC team evaluator for British Columbia amateur teams.

Clyde held a Clinical position in the Department of Family Practice for the past 20 years and continues to mentor and teach physiotherapy students. All this between his cross country bicycle rides. Clyde now works as an associate contractor at the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre at the Plaza of Nations.