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SportMedBC is a professional not-for-profit society comprised of close to 600 sport medical and paramedical practitioners in British Columbia. It promotes leadership, public awareness and education in the areas of sport medicine, sport science and sport training.

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17 Apr 2014
WEBINAR - Event Day Advice Less than two weeks away from the 2014 Vancouver Sun Run!  As Sun Run InTraining continues, don't miss this FREE SportMed RunWalk Webinar! The Vancouver Sun Run finish line is only a few days away. SportMedBC RunWalk Coach and Olympian Lynn Kanuka will provide...
14 Apr 2014
From The Vancouver Sun - April 14, 2014 By Bethany Lindsay After radiation therapy to treat breast cancer left Val MacLanders in the worst shape of her life 10 years ago, she realized she needed a big push to get back into fighting form. “I couldn’t even make it down to the mailbox. My health had...
10 Apr 2014
By Yuri Artibise Runners are social people. We may not all be talkative - especially in the middle of a run - but we are supportive of one another's goals and enjoy motivating and being motivated by each other. Some of us even enjoy a competitive rivalry. This social aspect is why nearly 50,0000 of...
3 Apr 2014
WEBINAR - Life After 10K. What's Next? Less than a month away from the 2014 Vancouver Sun Run! As Sun Run InTraining continues, be sure to check out our third SportMed RunWalk Webinar! Do you see yourself crossing the finish line victoriously every time you finish a workout? Success is 99.9%...